Transportation Services

In conjunction with our industrial, special or solid waste disposal services, Terra provides complete transportation services including containers or vehicles in the following sizes:

  • 10 cubic yard container
  • 15 cubic yard container
  • 20 cubic yard sealed sludge container
  • 20 cubic yard container
  • 30 cubic yard container
  • 40 cubic yard container
  • 15 cubic yard tri-axles

In conjunction with our solidification services, Southside Solidification Services has teamed with an Indianapolis-based transporter to provide complete vacuum tanker transportation services. SSS can provide a wide range of trucks and tankers including:

  • 5,000 gallon Vacuum Tanker
  • 2,500 gallon Vacuum Tanker
  • 2,000 gallon “Dry High Velocity” VacTruck
  • 3,500 gallon “Wet/Dry High Velocity” VacTruck
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