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Terra Limited is committed to providing compliant waste management solutions with an emphasis on reuse and recycling.

About Terra Limited

Terra Limited (Terra) is an Indianapolis-based environmental management company specializing in the marketing and management of non-hazardous, industrial, and special wastes into Southside Landfill. The landfill, located at 2561 Kentucky Avenue in southwestern Indianapolis, is a municipal solid waste landfill permitted by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The landfill design and operation meets and/or exceeds all applicable federal, state, and local standards, including RCRA Subtitle D standards.

Additional services Terra provides its clients include:

Southside Landfill

The Southside Landfill (SSLF) is a privately owned, municipal solid waste disposal facility located in southwestern Indianapolis with 212.6 acres permitted for landfilling. This state-of-the-art facility manages non-hazardous residential, commercial, and industrial solid waste generated primarily in Marion County and the surrounding communities. The owners of SSLF also own and operate 3 other landfills and 6 transfer stations in Michigan and Indiana. Also owned or operated are 5 solid waste hauling companies, 3 green houses and a construction business, which has been in continuous operation since 1971.

Wastes Accepted

Residential / Household

Solid waste from individual homes or collected by commercial and residential haulers.

Commercial / Industrial

Solid waste from institutional, industrial, and commercial activities.

Construction / Demolition

Solid waste from new construction or demolition sites.

Industrial or Special Waste

Select, non-hazardous solid wastes generated by industrial and manufacturing processes.

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