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The Southside Landfill (SSLF) is a privately owned, municipal solid waste disposal facility located in southwestern Indianapolis with 212.6 acres permitted for landfilling. This state-of-the-art facility manages non-hazardous residential, commercial, and industrial solid waste generated primarily in Marion County and the surrounding communities. The owners of SSLF also own and operate 3 other landfills and 6 transfer stations in Michigan and Indiana. Also owned or operated are 5 solid waste hauling companies, 3 green houses and a construction business, which has been in continuous operation since 1971.

Wastes Accepted

Waste materials that can be managed at SSLF are defined in either SSLF’s permit, or are permitted by regulations promulgated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Permitted wastes include:

  • Residential / Household - solid waste from individual homes or collected by commercial and residential haulers;
  • Commercial / Industrial - solid waste from institutional, industrial, and commercial activities, including apartment complexes;
  • Construction / Demolition – solid waste from new construction or demolition sites;
  • Industrial or Special Waste – select, non-hazardous solid wastes generated by industrial and manufacturing processes that are reviewed, processed, and disposed separately because of specific monitoring disposal requirements.
Regulatory Oversight

The landfill was first issued a license to operate in September 1970 and has been in continuous operation ever since. The facility has an excellent operational history and has consistently and continually received its permit renewal since initial permit issuance.


Southside Landfill is open to the public and commercial haulers 5 a.m. to Midnight, Monday through Friday. The facility closes at 5:00 P.M. on Saturday and is closed on Sunday. Southside Landfill employees take great pride in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing operation. Only non-hazardous solid waste is managed at the landfill. Every load of waste is inspected, documented, and video recorded prior to disposal. Loads with suspicious materials or liquid wastes are rejected. All landfill personnel have been trained in identifying improper waste materials and are continually monitor incoming waste materials until final disposal. In conjunction with our independent consultant, unannounced random screening of incoming loads is routinely performed.
Records of these inspections are maintained at the facility. The facility has a single public entrance with a gate and scales. As required by permit and regulations, each load is weighed and the waste type and point of origination is documented. Access to the facility is limited and security is provided on a continual basis.

Composing and Recycling

Vegetative matter, such as leaves, grass, brush, limbs and other landscape natural debris are directed to separate management areas for composting. In addition, Southside Landfill diverts waste tires, refrigerators, washers, and stoves (“white goods”) from disposal in the landfill and directs these items to off-site recyclers.


Water Quality

By permit and regulation, the groundwater quality is monitored at 15 groundwater wells every six months at the facility. Surface water is diverted from the landfill by a series of detention dams, retention ponds, berms and channels. Surface water discharge from the landfill is subject to additional regulations and testing.

Gas Management

SSLF has one of the most extensive gas management systems and distribution system in Indiana. The gases collected from these wells are directed to the Crossroads Greenhouse located adjacent to the landfill. The greenhouse utilizes the gas as its main energy source for energy - by producing electricity and heating the 6 ½ acre greenhouse. In 1999, a large jet engine manufacturer entered into a contract with SSLF to purchase all landfill gas produced by the landfill not consumed at the landfill or greenhouse. The landfill gas is directed to the manufacturing facility across the street from SSLF to supplement the plant’s energy needs.

Closure and Post Closure

As currently permitted, Southside Landfill has a useful life expectancy of approximately 25 to 30 years. Post-closure care of the facility will continue, in accordance with the permit and regulations, for at least 30 years after closure of the facility. A financial assurance mechanism to cover costs related to the closing, monitoring and post-closure care of the landfill has been established in accordance with the IDEM regulations. These funds are dedicated for use at this facility, and may only be released by IDEM. The amount in these funds is updated annually to insure that monies are available to properly close the facility and to monitor the groundwater and gas management programs for 30 years after closure.