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Terra Limited (Terra) is an Indianapolis-based environmental management company specializing in the marketing and management of non-hazardous, industrial, and special wastes into Southside Landfill. The landfill, located at 2561 Kentucky Avenue in southwestern Indianapolis, is a municipal solid waste landfill permitted by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The landfill design and operation meets and/or exceeds all applicable federal, state, and local standards, including RCRA Subtitle D standards.

Additional services Terra provides its clients includes:

Transportation and Disposal – Non Southside Landfill Wastes - Terra maintains relationships with disposal facilities that process non-hazardous industrial, special, or solid wastes that are generated and disposed of outside of the Indianapolis Metropolitan area. These ongoing partnerships allow Terra to assist customers in disposing of these wastes throughout the Midwest.

Transportation and Disposal - Hazardous Wastes - In keeping with the partnerships that Terra has with its non-hazardous vendors, Terra also has similar partnerships and solid relationships with vendors that transport and dispose of hazardous waste throughout the United States.

Re-use/Recycling of Industrial By-products and or Waste - a compliment to Terra’s waste disposal abilities is the ability to find recycling and reuse options for by-products or wastes that are generated by our customers. Terra’s network of vendors include’s contacts that assist generators and resource managers representing generators in finding viable, cost effective and compliant reuse and recycling options. Terra understands that the future of waste management will include the cost effective and compliant management of by products waste.

Site Remediation Media – Terra can also provide outlets for chemicals to be applied in-situ for the remediation of contaminants in soils and ground waters.

Excavation and removal of contaminated soils and bulk wastes – Terra provides its clients removal, transportation and disposal management services of contaminated soils and other bulk wastes. While Terra does not “self-perform”, our experience with managing waste does allow us to complete these types of projects.

Terra routinely assists its clients by initiating and coordinating all aspects of waste disposal and approval into Southside Landfill and other disposal facilities that best fit the customer needs.